Mt. Crested Butte Chili & Beer Festival

Coming Saturday, September 7th, 2024

Mt Crested Butte Chili & Beer Festival


The Mt. Crested Butte Chili & Beer Festival is a celebration of locally made Chili and Colorado brewed beer that draws both locals and visitors to Mt. Crested Butte for a day of music, chili, and beer.

The 26th Annual Mt Crested Butte Chili & Beer Festival will be held on September 7, 2024 in the base area of Crested Butte Mountain Resort, where amateur and professional chili cookers battle for the "best of" in a variety of categories and craft breweries from around the state compete for "best of" and cash prizes in several categories.

Registration for brewers and cooks is open!

Tickets on sale now!

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THANK YOU to everyone who helped us pull off our 25th anniversary event in 2023!
We couldn't have done it without our sponsors, breweries and chili cookers!

2023 Sponsors


2023 Participating Breweries


2023 Chili Cookers

International Red

C4 Chili - Nathan Jennings

Ruby Mountain Chipotle - Nate Skiba

Smokehammer - Chris Palin

Inglorious Chefs - Mallory Briggs

Pappy's Unholy Communion - Ben Adams

Coach's Chili - Tucker Brown

Sara's Smokey Sweet Spiced Sunshine Chili - Sara Straub

Hot Chili! - Sheela Murthy


Pork Green Chili - Jonathan Ferrell

Antonia's Green Chili - Carlos Aguirre

Jose's Chili - Jason Henry

Hatch Batch - Samuel O'Neill

God's Green Goodness - Isaac Parker

Sting Ring Green - Kris Gayer

Pork Chili Verde - Alex Caukin

Fuego Verde - Andre Garcia


Jamie's Magic Jerky Chili - Jamie & Sasa Watt

The Right Amount of Spice - Mike Loftus

Mama Lisa's Green Chili - Lisa Blunck


Aunty Fran's Fiery Feedbag - Francesca Adams

Vegan AF American Chili - Mollie Contreras

Info for Future Chili Cookers and Brewers!

Chili Cookers

In order to ensure success for all, we require chili cookers to make a minimum of 5 gallons of chili and encourage you to make at least 10 gallons.

The first 20 cookers to sign up for the festival and guarantee 10 or more gallons will be eligible for ingredient reimbursement. Receipts must be provided for reimbursement. 
- 10 or more gallons will receive up to $150 ingredients reimbursement.
- 20 or more gallons of chili will receive up to $250 ingredients reimbursement.

We will provide dishes, utensils, napkins, paper towels, and 3oz serving ladles (for portion control). You will need to provide a list of ingredients prior to the event. This list will be displayed at your booth as an allergy and food sensitivity notice.

There is no charge for cookers to participate in this event. Both professional and amateur cooks are welcome at this event.

The chili will be blind taste tested and judged in the following categories:

-> International Red
-> Green
-> Vegetarian
-> Speciality
-> People's Choice



In order to ensure the best experience for everyone involved, brewers must meet the following requirements:

-Bring at least two types of brew, each in 15 gallon kegs or canned equivalent. If participating in VIP hour please include an additional type of brew exclusive to VIP hour.

-Provide a 10x10 pop up tent, 8 ft. serving table, and TIPS certified pourer.*
*If you are concerned about staffing your booth at this event, let us know! This year we will be hiring locals to help our vendors out if they can not bring enough staff with them.

-If interested in selling merchandise at your booth, you will be required to obtain a Mt Crested Butte sales tax license before the event and fill out and submit a Mt. Crested Butte Sales Tax form following the event. We will send more information on this process in the near future.

There is no charge for breweries to participate in this event. However, if you register for this event and cancel after August 20, 2023 you may be charged a cancellation fee and excluded from future events.

The award categories this year will be:



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We need Volunteers! 

Want to help out with this fun local event? We have tons of opportunities to do so, including a few PAID positions! 

When you volunteer for Chili & Beer, you receive a complementary GA entry! 

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